Industries Served

Oil & Gas

MTE has helped many oil and gas producers by delivering optimized, low-cost solutions to improve power quality.  Oil producers often use a variety of pumps in their operations.  These pumps are driven by variable frequency drives, which help the pump motors run more efficiently, but they also introduce harmonic distortion.  Unmitigated harmonics can lead to power quality problems on the system as well as the power grid.

By using our Matrix® AP Harmonic Filters we have helped many companies in the oil and gas fields:

  • Reduced power loss and improved efficiency
  • Higher performance under unbalanced line conditions
  • Better overall power factor due to reduced distortion
  • Improved reliability
  • Lower initial capital expediture and overall operating costs

Single Phase Applications

Oil and gas companies often have operations based in rural and rugged areas, where single phase power is the only option.  Just like three-phase power, single phase electricity can have issues related to harmonics. In fact, single phase power can sometimes produce higher levels of harmonics than three phase power. It can also be harder to remove these harmonics in single phase applications.  MTE produces Matrix® ONE, a line of filters specifically designed for single phase applications.  With Matrix ONE harmonic filters, you can be sure that your operations will have proven power protection.